Welcome to Barry Families Of Ireland, a collection of correlated records for families with surname Barry, Berry, Beary, etc. who lived in Ireland. Over the past 20 years, I have collected many records while researching Barry families of Ireland. If you find your family here, please let me know!
Barry spouse of Barry marriage year county civil parish catholic parish immigration year other countries notes
Martin Barry Lydia Graham 1849 Limerick Corcomohide   1850 USA 3 children; Lydia d. 1858 Chicago, IL., USA
Martin Barry Hannah Mahoney 1858         USA married Chicago, IL, USA; 9 children

My goal has always been to identify relatives of my husband's ancestor Edward Barry (b. abt 1825 C. Limerick) and his brother Martin Barry (b. abt 1820 Co. Limerick). The brothers arrived in the US in the 1850s and were in Chicago, Illinois by 1856. See here for more about brothers Edward and Martin Barry and their families. See here for a discussion of yDNA matches between descendants of Martin and Edward Barry (arrived in US from Ireland in the 1850s) and men (surname Berry) whose ancestors lived in the American South in the 1700s and perhaps 1600s.