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Research into possible Barry-Berry-Hamilton paternal links

Welcome! The purpose of this set of webpages (begun October 2006) is to present ongoing genealogical research into possible links among the paternal ancestors of three men with surnames Barry, Berry and Hamilton whose yDNA test results show exact or close matches. The earliest records we have for the Berry and Hamilton lines place them in Kentucky and Virginia in the late 1700s. The Barry family emigrated from Ireland to the US in the 1850s. Records for the Barrys from the late 1840s show them in the townland of Rossmore in south-central County Limerick, near the border with County Cork.
This combination of yDNA matches and genealogical research suggests a common origin in Ireland for all three lines, with a common paternal ancestor who lived in the 1700s or earlier, probably in Ireland. Our goal is to document this common ancestry through genealogical research - to assemble a "paper trail" of records leading back to the most recent common ancestor.

Organization of this website: what's here and how to get to it

Background - the events that led to the creation of these webpages. Read this first to understand what this website is all about. Includes:

  • brief introduction to the Barry, Berry and Hamilton paternal lines
  • DNA tests - what they can tell us
  • discovery of the Barry-Berry-Hamilton yDNA matches

Research Strategies - brief overview, including:

  • DNA to paper trail - where to look first; includes a short discussion of Irish research
  • the search for a common ancestor - two general research strategies that complement each other
  • specific research strategies suggested by details known about the three lines

Records and Analysis - gateway to all the records on this website, with images of original documents and accompanying discussion and analysis in many cases. Go here to access:

  • research on Barry, Berry and Hamilton lines
  • ongoing research where no connection to the three lines has been found (yet)
  • all records (except raw data) arranged by place (a quick way to access records mentioned in the two categories above)
  • raw data - images, abstracts, etc., with little or no discussion about what it is or where it fits into our research

Blog - The idea here is to have a core set of data on the website, then use the blog to discuss particular records or point out something interesting or to announce major updates to the website. The goal is to blog at least once or twice a week. Some blog material will eventually get incorporated into other parts of the website.

  • the most recent blog appears below
  • all blogs are archived [here]

Contact Us

This is an ongoing research project. We will find more records as we continue researching. We are currently working to make the important records we have already gathered available online. Check back and read the blog to see what's been added recently. If you have relevant material to contribute to any part of this website (for example, records or other data) or if you would like to be a guest blogger, please contact us at

Most Recent Blog

Monday, 5 March 2007

This website is going back online after several months. We have restructured it and have added a lot more data, including images of many records. Take a look and see what's here. Give us some feedback. Thanks.