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What kinds of records are on our website?

There are two types of records on our website:

  • records for each of the three matching yDNA lines - Barry, Berry and Hamilton
  • records gathered while looking for connections among the three lines, but not yet shown to be related to any of them

Of course, we hope that at least some records in the second category above will eventually move into the first category! In fact, that has already happened for the Hamilton line. More on that below.

We try to collect documents as close to the originals as possible. Whenever we can, we include images of original records (or clerks' copies of those records) on this website. Those images are sometimes accompanied by our extractions of the important details in those records (for example, census records). Transcriptions, extracts or abstracts from published sources or from other contributors have been included if the original documents were not available to us. We hope eventually to replace these with images closer to the original source.

We have tried to cite the sources of all the documents mentioned on this website. If you notice an omission, please let us know. Also, if you have an original document relating to any of these families that we could include here, please contact us at

Access the Records

IMPORTANT You can access all records on this website by following the links below. Records that appear as part of a discussion of one of the three yDNA lines (or of other unconnected lines) can be found under the first two headings below. Links to those same records can also be accessed by following the link under "Records arranged by place". Many records that were collected but not yet analyzed will be found below under the last heading, "Raw Data".

Records for the three yDNA lines

  • Summary of the Barry paternal line, linked to records [here].
  • Specific research topics related to the Barry line, linked to records (none yet)
  • Summary of the Berry paternal line, linked to records [here]
  • Specific research topics related to the Berry line, linked to records (none yet)
  • Summary of the Hamilton paternal line, linked to records [here]
  • The BERRY-HAMILTON-GIVEN group of Bath County, Virginia and Lee County, Iowa
Summary: Research on Hamilton and Berry families who created records together in Bath County, Virginia in the early 1800s uncovered their migration to Lee County, Iowa in the 1830s and led to the discovery of the parents of Hamilton yDNA ancestor Samuel Berry Hamilton. That research has now pushed our knowledge of the Hamilton yDNA line back at least two generations. It also revealed a maternal Berry link to the Hamilton yDNA line: Samuel Berry Hamilton's parents were found to be James N. Hamilton and Rachel Berry, daughter of John Berry and Jennet Given. A Berry connection to the paternal (Hamilton) line still remains to be proved, but this close association between Berry and Hamilton families in Virginia prior to 1830 makes our chance of finding that paternal link look more promising. Follow the research on this group:
  • Where it began - records of Bath County, Virginia from early 1800s show Berrys and Hamiltons together. Read more [here].
  • Two 1821 guardianship bonds from Bath County, Virginia are found.
  • What the two bonds tell us.
  • Four other records from Bath County - two Berry marriages and two slave deeds.
  • The same Berry-Hamilton group is found in Lee County, Iowa records beginning in late 1830s. Read more [here].
  • Census records show migration from Virginia to Iowa
  • Other key documents confirm this is the same family from the 1821 bonds and provide more details about the families and their origins in Virginia.
  • Samuel B. Hamilton is discovered to be part of this group. Read more [here].
  • Probate records for James N. Hamilton (d. abt 1842, Lee County Iowa) mention Samuel B. Hamilton and five other minor children.
  • So where is Lee County, Iowa? Read more [here].
  • More records for this group in Iowa (and beyond), including the search for descendants. Read more [here].
  • More records for this group (and their ancestors) in Bath County, Virginia and nearby. Read more [here].
  • See these people arranged by family group [here].

Research in progress: no connection found yet

  1. Family of Robert Hamilton: West Virginia, Iowa and Fresno County, California
    • Read a brief summary of what we currently know about this family [here].
  2. Family of Stephen Hamilton and his son Samuel of Fresno County, California]]
    • Read a brief summary of what we currently know about this family [here].

Records arranged by place

  • Browse all records from the categories above, arranged by place, [here].

Raw data

  • We have collected many other records in the course of our research. We include some of them [here]. They have not yet been analyzed. Some of these records will be shifted to categories above after we have analyzed them and written something about them. Includes:
  • images from FHL films or other sources, accompanied by brief abstracts in a few cases - but mostly not
  • some abstracts from FHL films or other sources with no accompanying images
  • little or no discussion, explanation or analysis
  • no promises as to completeness, relevance, etc.